Dricus Du Plessis next fight

Dricus Du Plessis next fight - Old School
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Dricus Du Plessis' upcoming UFC 290 clash with Robert Whittaker promises to be a monumental showdown in the octagon.

Dricus Du Plessis is gearing up for a highly anticipated bout at UFC 290, where he will face off against formidable opponent Robert Whittaker. Hailing from South Africa, Du Plessis is determined to bring honor to his nation and demonstrate his prowess in the octagon. With the unwavering support of his fellow South Africans, he is poised to make a lasting impact on the global MMA stage.

Dricus Du Plessis

Dricus Du Plessis backround

Dricus Du Plessis, a skilled Mixed Martial Artist, proudly represents his South African roots and fearlessly confronts renowned fighters like Israel Adesanya. Turning pro in 2013, his illustrious career includes competing in Poland's KSW and claiming titles as a two-time EFC Middleweight, former EFC Welterweight, and KSW Welterweight Champion. As of March 7, 2023, he ranks #6 in the UFC middleweight division.

Dricus Du Plessis rapid rise in the ufc

Dricus Du Plessis has had a meteoric rise in the UFC and has caught the attention of one of the best fighters in the league, Israel Adesanya. In a surprising move, Du Plessis seemed to have stirred up Adesanya's emotions by making a controversial statement that Adesanya is not a real African. As a result, Adesanya has expressed a strong desire to face Du Plessis in the Octagon, and this matchup could potentially be the biggest fight of Du Plessis' career thus far.

Betting odds in dricus du plessis next fight

Current Odds: Robert Whittaker -340, Dricus Du Plessis +250. The winner of this fight is expected to become the next challenger for the Middleweight championship, currently held by Israel Adesanya. Robert Whittaker comes into this match with a powerful victory against Marvin Vettori at UFC Paris in September 2022. Dricus Du Plessis, who defeated Derek Brunson at UFC 285 in March 2023, will be making his second appearance this year.

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